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Amazon Fidget Cubehreat to the leader. In fact, when Qiu Yi away, leaving a large number of protection of the staff, they take away only a small part. But these men like bodyguards can only do peripheral protection, there is no way to access to the core inside, my side, Tong Yimeng side, are not allowed to close these men. But at this time, where I can take care of these. Find the leader, I explained the situation inside the sanatorium, I was originally intended he may not believe me or do not listen to my order, after all, when the original Lu year to talk to these people, they are when the wind, but the leader to listen to Finished my words, there is amazon fidget cube no hesitation, the next moment said What are you going to do We go to do. He not only believes in.ild all the weather, even out of the right to go there But because of the land year of this expression action, I still fidget cube blue see some problems. I think I am afraid there fidget cube noise is something outside, or else he will not be so tight to protect me, let me go out. Curiosity, all of a sudden was hooked up, in the end what will be fidget cube vancouver the matter Can think of, but also is the matter of Fang Sheng. But not right ah, has been for so long, my children are full of a hundred days. Are they not yet corpuscles Know that the land year is probably afraid of what I am afraid I do not let me go out, I d be able to tolerate, but this is similar to the day of imprisonment, when unconsciously do not feel, once know, that psychological feeling Is not good Moreover, the.

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